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Jason Lau 3/15/12 Table of Common Elements Sontag Antonioni’s Chung Kuo, Cina Anonymous’ A Vicious Motive, Despicable Tricks Simon Leys, Chinese Shadows References Antonioni’s film, Chung Kuo, Cina and uses it as a main example Proposition is to present an image of China rather than try to understand it Proposition is a direct criticism and refutation of Antonioni’s Chung Kuo, Cina Proposition discusses the cultural shift of where meaning derives for works of art Analyzes Antonioni’s filming techniques Antonioni tries to be an external observer without interfering with the scene Criticizes Antonioni’s filming techniques In China, the old is unwelcome and the new is welcome Focuses more on the photography/filmograph y Film focuses on
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Unformatted text preview: working class and less about achievements of sot China Focuses on content more than the photography/filmograph y Leys explains how the Chinese government decides what is acceptable in art Author is critic: focuses on analyzing the film in the context of photography Author is filmmaker: focuses on presenting an image with a message Criticizes Antonioni for one-sided portrayal of China The revolutionary spirit is a universal theme that should be used in all mediums of art Author is critic: focuses on rousing audience rather than providing meaningful commentary Sontag, the anonymous critic, Antonioni, and Leys are all concerned with at where meaning derives from in works of art....
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