OPIM 101 - Spring 2012 - R9 solutions

OPIM 101 - Spring 2012 - R9 solutions - OPIM 101 - Spring...

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1 OPIM 101 - Spring 2012 Recitation 9 Exercise Section # (201,202,…,214): _____________ Instructor (circle): Balas Fishman Horowitz Saunders Shah Zhang PennCard Last Name: PennCard First Name: Place your answers in the provided boxes. Problem 1. Tom’s Spring Break Margarita Shack makes frozen (decision variable F ) and on the rocks margaritas (decision variable R ) for Spring Breakers. Each frozen margarita produces a profit contribution of $3.00 and “On the rocks” margaritas produce a profit contribution of $2.00. Tom uses the following recipes: On-the-Rocks Frozen Add 10ml Tequila Add 15ml of Tequila Add 1.5 cups crushed ice Add 2 cups crushed ice Add .5 cups Lemon syrup Add 1 cup Lemon syrup Add Lime wedge Blend for 4 minutes Salt (optional) Tom starts each day with the following supplies: Supply Quantity Alegbraic Constraint Tequila 1400 ml 10R + 15F ! 1400 Ice 250 cups 1.5R + 2F ! 250 Lemon Syrup 70 cups .5R + 1F ! 70 Blender Minutes 150 per night 4F ! 150 Lime Wedges 30 wedges 1R ! 30 Tom’s objective is to maximize overall daily profit , 3 F + 2 R . Tom’s formulated and solved this problem using Solver and obtained the following Sensitivity Report (Tom assumes that he can make and sell any fractional amount of each margarita).
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2 Answer: C Question 1. According to this report, what is Tom’s optimal daily profit per night?
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OPIM 101 - Spring 2012 - R9 solutions - OPIM 101 - Spring...

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