OPIM101 - Spring 2012 - Assignment 2 Solutions

OPIM101 - Spring 2012 - Assignment 2 Solutions - OPIM 101...

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OPIM 101 Assignment 2 Spring 2012 Instructions: Submit your answers using the Take the Quiz link at the bottom of this page. You must submit your assignment by 9:30am, Tuesday, February 14, 2012. Late assignments receive zero credit. You must submit your own assignment. Your assignment is submitted only once you click the "submit" button! Do NOT forget to click submit. Once you click submit, you will be allowed to submit a different set of answers, if you submit before the due date. However, ALL of your previous responses will be deleted - if you click RESUBMIT, then you will have to type in all of your answers again. To promote learning (and NOT the mere copying of answers), Spring 2012 OPIM 101 students are permitted to consult with one another while working on this assignment. Make sure your answers are in the correct units. Unless otherwise noted, report your answers to the 2nd decimal point (e.g., 4.04 rather than 4.1 or 4). There are 10 questions in this assignment, each worth 1 point. There is no partial credit. (Q1-2) The local Department of Motor Vehicles issues new licenses and renews licenses. (See the diagram below.) The office receives 110 customers per hours. All customers first see a receptionist. The receptionist directs them in one of three directions. 75% go directly to Issue License (staffed by 9 workers) where a new photo and license are done. 15% are required to take an eye test (staffed by one worker) and 10% must first take a multiple-choice electronic written test (on one of three computers). Only 85% of people pass the eye test and the remaining 15% exit. The customers who pass the eye test proceed on to the Written Test. 10% of the people who take the written test fail it, while 90% pass the test and then proceed to Issue License. Data on each station are provided in the following table: Workers Processing time per worker (min) Reception 1 0.4 Eye Test 1 5 Written Test 3 15 Issue License 9 6 Reception Eye Test Written Test Issue License Exit Exit Exit 15% 85% 90% 10% 10% 75% 15%
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OPIM 101 Assignment 2 Spring 2012 Q1. What is the utilization of the Receptionist (as a % )? Q2. What is the implied utilization of Issue License (as a %
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OPIM101 - Spring 2012 - Assignment 2 Solutions - OPIM 101...

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