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Confidence_Intervals - yes no √ ¯ X ± zα/2 s n known...

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Unformatted text preview: yes no √ ¯ X ± zα/2 s/ n known? normal or not too different from normal the population distribution is small (n≤30) is exact if the population distribution Note: is normal, even if n < 30. √ ¯ X ± tα/2,n−1 s/ n ¯ ± zα/2 σ /√n X is large (n>30) no small p ± zα/2 ˆ √ p(1 − p)/ n ˆ ˆ large: np, n(1 − p) > 10 ˆ ˆ adapted from Freedman, Pisani, Purves "Statistics" consult a statistician quite different from normal stat 101 the amount of data is yes add two "yes" and two "no" outcomes and then use ... are we talking about proportions? the amount of data is Confidence Intervals ...
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