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homework 5 - _ Student Name: Section number: Statistics...

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_____________________________________________________________ Student Name: Section number: Statistics 101, Homework 5 Due Monday, October 24, 2011, 4:30pm Instructions: This assignment is to be completed individually . You may discuss this homework with the other students in this course (any section), but not with students who are not currently enrolled in Statistics 101. You may also ask the instructors and the TAs if you need help, but you must attempt the questions in JMP and submit your written solution by yourself . Although you may discuss the problems with each other, you should not read each others’ solutions. Do not copy verbatim. If you use material from outside this class, it must be referenced in your solution. Honor code applies to these instructions. Place your homework in the appropriate bin in the STAT department by the time indicated above. Readings: Chapters 8, 9, 10 Do the following 3 problems in the book and 13 problems below. Show all work. Chapter 9: Problems # 22, 50, 52 1) While a regular coin is unlikely to land on its side, one can glue together several coins and thus create a ``three-sided coin’’ that has equal probability of landing ``Heads’’, ``Tails’’, and ``Side’’. a) Suppose we toss such a three-sided coin twice. What is the best sample space S? Are outcomes in this space equally likely? What is the probability that the three- sided coin lands on its ``Side’’ at least once? b)
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homework 5 - _ Student Name: Section number: Statistics...

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