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CWR4306_Final_Project_F2011 - CWR 4306 Urban Stormwater...

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CWR 4306 – Urban Stormwater Systems Design Fall 2011 Final Project Name(s) ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Problem Statement The final project has two parts: 1. Design of a stormwater system using PondPack software and 2. Completion of an Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) application to St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD). You have the option of working in groups of up to five people. Be sure to list all assumptions and show all your work with supporting information . Part 1: Stormwater System Design (Due: Friday, December 2) in class Use the PondPack software to verify the design of a surface water management system shown in the attached figures for a subdivision that is to be constructed in Mount Dora, FL. As is required by ERP regulations, the pond should be designed such that the post-development peak runoff is maintained at or below the pre-development level (Stormwater Applicants Handbook, Section 9.8.4). Also, to maintain a detention pond, the basin floor should be set at least one foot above the seasonal high ground water table elevation (Stormwater Applicants Handbook, Section 10.5).
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