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CWR 4306 – Urban Stormwater Systems Design Fall 2011 CWR 4306 Final Project Submission Outline 1. Copy of problem statement handout including names of group members 2. Permit Application Form (Section A) 3. Site Description Including the Following: a. Site location map (USGS quad map) b. Site Aerial photograph 4. Stormwater Calculations and modeling Results a. Design storm description with rainfall hyetograph (from PondPack) b. Pre-development conditions with: i. Pre-development watershed (or site) data used in PondPack ii. Time of concentration calculation (TR-55 worksheet) iii. Pre-development hydrograph (just a plot from PondPack)
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Unformatted text preview: c. Post-development conditions with: i. Post-development watershed (or site) data used in PondPack ii. Post-development hydrograph (just the plot from PondPack) d. Pond design summary 1. Print input data from PondPack 2. Print pond routing results from PondPack 3. Print pond routing hydrograph from PondPack e. Determine the size of pipe that should be used for conveyance of discharge off site. 5. Brief Summary of Work (essentially this should just be an outline of the calculations and supporting information)...
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