test2c - First we will discuss Case 6 and pgs 43-44 which...

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First we will discuss Case 6 and pgs. 43-44, which discuss assisted suicide. Questions from the test will come from these cases, but they will NOT appear on the study guide. So know them. I. Whether Intentionally Arranged Deaths are ever Justified- the book argues that they can be, but that we also need to be aware of existing legal issues. A. One of the immediate issues to consider when discussing assisted suicide is whether it leads to a slippery slope. A slippery slope argument suggests that doing one thing will lead (though a series of steps) to doing something else that is bad or immoral. For example, marijuana is described as a gateway drug (I’ll explain how this is a slippery slope argument in class). B. Allowing doctors to assist patients in dying runs the risk of a slippery slope, as explained on the bottom of pg. 144. Is this is a legitimate concern? Look at the example of how such an argument might run on pg. 145. C. These arguments are usually utilitarian in some way, since they focus on consequence. Think about why. D. Of course, slippery slopes are always speculation. How would we prove them? Is this a good argument against aid in dying? E. Oregon was the first state to allow assisted suicide, but only under certain conditions. The legal issue of such “treatment” is still hotly debated. As explained on the top of 147, the question of assisted suicide is the next logical question now that we have established laws and moral principles that allow people to refuse treatment. What is the difference between refusing treatment and assisted suicide? We’ll talk about this
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test2c - First we will discuss Case 6 and pgs 43-44 which...

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