005 notes on Holi(1)(1)-1

005 notes on Holi(1)(1)-1 - Notes on Mariott, Holi...

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Notes on Mariott, Holi donations bonfire celebration of Holikas demise caste connnection "stay indoors" its "Krishna's lila" a. impressed with multi-caste participation in bonfire awoke to fusillades of sand and bricks mud, cow-dung water author considers the ideas that rituals establish fundamental social order parties of boys and men impersonating Krishna was this the other side in the model that every culture has negative and positive sides ? a. bathed and prepared for the evening - was given a drink with bhang in it saw men pantomiming sex women attacking men the author asks how is this a festival of Love three kinds f ritual performance during the year: festival, individual practices, optional devotions 90 weddings the biggest outbreaks of "Holi playing" at weddings esp. between groom's men and bride's women - men would be beaten when lured to womens' courtyards otherwise, dominance of men over women, songs of gopis longing for Krishna Holi idiom differed from ordinary life - reverses the differences of power in contrast to other festivals - Diwali, womens' fasts, strict order of cast ranking was mainatined at other festivals various rituals seemed to uphold standard economic dominance - subordination pattern kinship and caste lines were maintained, not crossed
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005 notes on Holi(1)(1)-1 - Notes on Mariott, Holi...

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