005 notes on Song in South India-1

005 notes on Song in South India-1 - Indo-Aryan language...

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Notes on Song in South India 1 bhajan harmonium Cleveland Tyagaraja festival song - the basis of Indian music listen to a typical group bhajan -kinds of instruments -changes of tempo -melody higher and lower call and response structure builds energy through repetition and dialogue structure: follow lines A-D text - devotion, love, praise Tyagaraja Tamilnadu - Tamil vs. Telugu language multilingual environment of South India Dravidian language group : Tamil Telugu Malayalam, Kannada
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Unformatted text preview: Indo-Aryan language family ; Sanskrit Kriti differences in ensemble, instrumentation pallavi-anpallavi-caranam performed in a wider variety of situations than bhajans continuum of performance from devotion to virtuosity meanings of "classical" in India some resonances are different from Western idea of classical overlap between bhajan and kriti - group or solo in a Karnatak concert...
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