005 Quiz 1 Kirmira

005 Quiz 1 Kirmira - b disembowels her c cuts her nose and...

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Performing Arts in South Asia Quiz 1 - Killing of Kirmira NAME________________________ The plot begins with the killing of the demon Sardula by the Pandava brother Arjuna. In our part of the story, 1. Simhika, enters and performs a "curtain look". Simhika is a) the wife of the Pandava brothers b) a demoness c) a demoness in disguise 2. Dressed as a ____________ character a) green b) -beard c) black d) shining 3. In the first mimed section, and with great attention to detail, Simhika (1) a) explores the forest b) grooms herself c) prepares a meal d) reminisces about her lover 4. She hatches a plan, which involves disguise as _________________ (1) c) a beautiful woman b) a yogi a) a deer d) a sage 5. And a) attacking Arjuna b) luring another brother away to kill him c) kidnapping the brothers' wife
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6. Sahadeva arrives to foil the plot. After a confrontation, Sahadevaa a) beheads her
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Unformatted text preview: b) disembowels her c) cuts her nose and breasts d) cuts off her hair 7. Simhika's brother arrives. At the end there is a confrontation and Kirmira is killed by a) the Pandava brothers together b) the elder brother Bhima c) the youngest brother Sahadeva d) another demon 8. Zarrilli points out the centrality of killing in Kathakali plays and relates it to a) the importance of the goddess and animal sacrifice in Kerala b) a traditional theme in Sanskrit theater c) popular demand 9. He discusses the most significant insignia of divine and kingly power in Kerala, a) the sword b) the temple c) the throne d) the crown 10. The two ways that this play has been staged that Zarrilli discusses (natyadharmi and lokadharmi) revolve around a) realism b) use of stage props c) adherence to the original story d) adherence to theatrical norms...
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005 Quiz 1 Kirmira - b disembowels her c cuts her nose and...

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