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005 Quiz 2 Allen - century India and links it to a...

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Performing Arts in South Asia Quiz 2 - Allen, Rewriting the Script NAME________________________ 1. According to the author, revival or re-vivification is a "drastically reductive" term for what took place in South Indian dance. Give three other terms beginning with "re-" suggested by the author re-population, re-construction, re-naming, re-situation 2. The first stage of transformation led by Rukmini Devi and other reformers involved the displacement of devadasis, who were a) female ritual dancers b) Brahmin male dancers c) hereditary story teller/performers d) male or female hereditary dancers 3. The second stage involved doing without traditional teachers, who were also a) drummers b) singers/poets c) senior dancers d) stage directors 4. Reformation was seen as necessary because a) the dance was dying out b) contemporary temple dance was seen as corrupt c) dancers were divided into feuding factions d) dance was becoming too influenced by the West 5. The author discusses a complex picture of revival of the arts in early 20th
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Unformatted text preview: century India and links it to a) political groups based in Calcutta c) religious reformers based in Madras d) education reformers based in Mumbai b) an international web of intellectual and political interests 5. An organization with which Rukmini Devi was involved was the Theosophical Society. Founded in 1875 a) in Mumbai by V.N. Bhatkhande b) in Madras by E. Krishna Ayyar c) in New York by Helena Blavatsky d) in London by George Arundale 7. The Theosophical Society under Annie Besant was involved in a) the reform of religious rituals b) a range of social and political activities c) reform and education in the arts d) reform of the caste system 8. The author raises the idea of Rukmini Devi's "agency" in her career and thinks that a) she made her career choices relatively independently b) her husband had a more active role than is often thought c) the Theosophical Society suggested that she go into dance d) her dance teachers urged her to become an innovator...
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005 Quiz 2 Allen - century India and links it to a...

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