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005 Quiz 5

005 Quiz 5 - of the ruling elite but Tamil was the language...

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Name __________________________ SAST005 / MUSC165 S12 Quiz 5 - Song in South India 1. This reading deals with the song genres bhajan and kriti . In the spectrum of contexts from devotional to virtuosic, show where the two genres lie devotional ----------------------------------------- virtuosic ---bhajan---------------------------------kriti--------------------- 2. A Karnatak classical song ensemble usually consists of (circle all that apply) a) a main singer or maybe two b) a leader and a chorus c) harmonium d) tambura e) finger cymbals f) a drum g) violin 3. In classical music, compared to devotional music, some people think that there should be more focus on a) lyrics b) melody c) rhythm 4. The main languages in which Karnatak classical songs are composed are Tamil, Telugu, and Sanskrit . The language used by Tyagaraja was ___Telugu______. 5. Language is a contentious issue because (give a statement based on the article) (2 points) Caste, region, and social hierarchy are involved. Telugu was the language
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Unformatted text preview: of the ruling elite but Tamil was the language of the majority population. Tamil became associated with the non-elite. 6. In a kriti performance, the performers a) follow a fixed order and number of repetitions of the sections b) have flexibility, and vary their approach to the sections c) improvise on the composition quite freely throughout 7. Put the following sections in the order that they occur in a classical South Indian song __a_____anupallavi __c_____caranam __b____pallavi 8. The mrdangam is a) a chordophone b) a membranophone c) a keyboard instrument d) a pair of cymbals 9. The violin in Karnatak music is typically thought of as (1) a) a foreign instrument, perhaps not entirely appropriate for Indian music b) a new instrument, and so less respected than traditional instruments c) an instrumental thoroughly embraced and integrated in South Indian music...
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005 Quiz 5 - of the ruling elite but Tamil was the language...

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