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Don Giovanni Act 2 Finale

Don Giovanni Act 2 Finale - 4 D minor Andante(moderately...

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Don Giovanni Act 2 Finale List of sections 1. D major allegro moderato (moderately fast) 4/4 Don Giovanni and Leporello at dinner. An on-stage orchestra plays arias from popular operas, including Figaro. 2. B-flat major allegro assai (faster) 3/4 Elvira runs in. Elvira pleads, Don Giovanni laughs, Leporello commiserates. A miniature trio; they sing first separately then simultaneously at the end. Transition and modulation: Elvira screams offstage, Leporello goes to see what is there, re-enters. 3. F major allegro molto (very fast) 2/2 Description of what’s on the stairs and the noises it’s making. Leporello imitates the sound of the statue’s footsteps, orchestra knocks at the door.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. D minor Andante (moderately slow) 4/4 Three basses together, as in the murder scene in Act 1. Ostinato throughout. Harmonically labile. Two places where the music is reduced to a single pitch: before “Tu m’invitasti al ceno” [You invited me to supper] and “Dammi la mano in pegno” [Give me your hand in agreement]. 5. G major Allegro assai 3/4 and 4/4 ending in D major presto (very very fast) 4/4. After Don Giovanni is dragged to hell by the Commendatore, the remaining characters rush in and, joined by Leporello, comment on his fate: “Such is the end of all evildoers!”...
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