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Characters in Don Carlos (*vocal stars) *Don Carlos (tenor), crown Prince of Spain. In Act I. Ordered by his father to make a dynastic marriage with: *Elisabeth de Valois (soprano), French princess. She and Don Carlos fall in love, but then (end of Act I), his father *King Phillip II (bass), marries Elisabeth himself, and makes her Queen. King Phillip is at odds with his son, and with the liberal nobleman *Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa (baritone) , who is one of Don Carlos’s friends. Rodrigo urges Don Carlos to work for the freedom of the Netherlands and defy King Phillip, but also attempts to remain loyal to the King (Acts II and III). This causes so much politicl confusion that the King summons *The Grand Inquisitor (bass),
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Unformatted text preview: to ask the Church’s absolution, since Phillip now plans to execute his own son (Act IV). Meanwhile, Don Carlos has attracted the passion of *The Princess Eboli (mezzo-soprano), former mistress of the King. When Carlos jilts her, she decides on revenge, and claims that an illicit love still exists between Carlos and Elisabeth (Act IV). But, repenting of her anger, she vows to help Carlos escape. Rodrigo visits Carlos in jail and is shot, and Carlos (escaping) meets Elisabeth one last time (Act V) to say farewell, and just as he is about to be captured again, a mysterious Monk (bass), who turns out to be Carlos’s grandfather, the great Emperor Carl V, seizes him and saves him....
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