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Instructions Music 30 Quiz 2 – Spring 2012 Quiz duration: 70mins. Download this document and write your answers in it. Once you begin the quiz you should complete it and email as a Word file to [email protected] ). Honor System! No books, internet resources, or notes are to be used. Due by 5pm Thursday March 1 Do both parts. There are two ID examples, and four unknown examples. Part I. Listening ID. 2 examples You can play each example two times maximum. For each of the four excerpts, identify (a) the opera (b) the composer (c) approximate date of composition; give or guess a specific date (i.e., no “early nineteenth century”).
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Unformatted text preview: 2 points. Then describe (d) the context of the excerpt—that is, in general terms, who is/are the character(s) singing, and what is the dramatic situation. 2 points. Part II. Unknown examples. 4 examples Two “unknown” listening excerpts. You can play each two times maximum. For each excerpt, write a brief paragraph (3-4 sentences) speculating on what you hear. What is the genre of opera this example belongs to; what formal characteristics (if any) are prominent in what you hear; who might have written it, and why do you think that. 4 points....
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