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Music 30 Spring 2012 Quiz 3. 60-70 minutes. Choose one essay. You can use Piero Weiss’s Opera: A History in Documents in writing your answer. 1. In his essay on style in Verdi, Basevi writes about Verdi’s “third manner” after 1855, which he connects (in part) to the influence of Wagner. Explain the terms of that claim, and from your knowledge of Don Carlos , try to explain why a contemporary writer might find Verdi’s later operas “Wagnerian.” 2. Basevi calls La Traviata something that “approaches comedy”—try to explain a
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Unformatted text preview: statement that, to us, seems counterintuitive. 3. Wagners account of the evolution of his style, in A Communication To My Friends, focuses in part on absolute-music melody as opposed to expressive melody. How does he see the opposition between the two? From the operatic examples you have learned, take a stab at explaining these two kinds of melody. 4. Offer a critique of Nietzsches critique of Wagner, and refer to at least one specific musical example in your answer....
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