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Ottavio Rinuccini - Recitar cantando – “reciting...

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Unformatted text preview: Recitar cantando – “reciting by singing” (ancestor of recitative) Intermedio (pl. Intermedi) – Musical number performed between acts of a spoken drama Castrato – Male soprano or male alto singer ********** The First Five Operas Ottavio Rinuccini, Dafne 1598 Music: Jacopo Peri and Jacopo Corsi Rinuccini: Euridice 1600 Music: Jacopo Peri Rinuccini: Euridice 1600 Same libretto, but music by Giulio Caccini; Caccini’s setting was published before Peri’s Gabriello Chiabrera: Il rapimento di Cefalo 1600 Music: Caccini Alessandro Striggio: L’Orfeo: Favola in musica 1607 Music: Claudio Monteverdi (published in 1609, second publication in 1615) ********** Florentine “Camerata” (ca. 1570 ­80s) Count Giovanni di Bardi Vincenzo Galilei *********** Georg Friedrich Handel (1685 ­1759) ...
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