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Unformatted text preview: THE OPENING OF RHEINGOLD: THE LONG E ­FLAT THE RING THE CURSE Just as it came to me through a curse, let this Ring be cursed! RENUNCIATION Only he who renounces love, only he who chases passion from his heart [He alone can posses the power to forge the Ring from the gold] THE RING BECOMES VALHALLA “WOTAN IS STRUCK BY A GREAT THOUGHT” ERDA (MINOR) “A l l e s w a s i s t e n d e t …” A l l t h a t e x i s t s s h a l l e n d INVERTED (turned around, goes down rather than up) “E i n d ü s t r e r T a g d ä m m e r t d e n G ö t t e r n” T w i l i g h t d a w n s f o r t h e G o d s ...
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