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STSC 003 — Technology & Society The Postwar Paradise I. Swords to Plowshares End of World War II: America largely untouched, death knell of colonialism. Science and technology emerge: tank, airplane, radar, computer, atomic bomb, penicillin ! OSRD; VANNEVAR BUSH: Science, The Endless Frontier (July 1945); RAND (1945). The Cold War (1946–91): greatest period of scientific progress in human history. Government involvement in science: funding and regulation, centrality to victory; money!!! Forms of Cold War science: physics, social sciences; biology; chemistry; psychology. “Technocracy”; “experts”; “science factories”: NSF (1950); AP (1955); NASA; NDEA (1958). Shift: postwar Nobel prizes; the Feds… America dominant in 2nd half of 20th century. II. Un-inventing the mass-produced soldier Millions of young men (and women) need to be reintegrated into society; fears of unemployment; social disruption; gender-role anxiety. Many of these returning soldiers have technical skills and contribute to the emergence of
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