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STSC 003 — Technology & Society Technologies of Control I. The Iron Rules Of Bureaucracy 1. A specification of jobs with detailed rights, obligations, responsibilities, scope of authority; 2. system of supervision and subordination; 3. unity of command; 4. extensive use of written documents; 5. training in job requirements and skills; 6. application of consistent and complete rules (company manual); 7. assign work and hire personnel based on competence and experience. Communication, not transportation There is an inherent, architectural limit built into the postal network: communication requires transportation ; speed is limited by the ability to move people, paper, packages through space and time. II. Telegraph Samuel Morse: failed painter, Yale graduate; works with Alfred Vail to develop telegraph in the early 1840s; key invention is the code. III. Telephone 1876: Elisha Grey, Alexander Graham Bell both apply for patent for electronic telephone. March 10, 1876: “Watson .
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