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Unformatted text preview: STSC 003 Technology & Society Arms and Palaces I. The Crystal Palace 1851: The London Crystal Palace Exhibition: first great worlds fair, international trades show to celebrate the art and industry of the world; hope for the future, progress through technology; national competition, with prizes for best items in categories. The Crystal Palace exhibition marked Americas technological coming of age. U.S. wins lots of medals for manufactured goods: McCormick reaper; Jonas Chickering pianos; meat biscuit; the yacht America; Samuel Colts revolving pistol. Colts Pistol Although the pistol itself is interesting, what is most interesting is the factory. Machines require skilled operators: to attend machine, to decide what speed to operate at, to lubricate cutter, to change blades when dull, etc. Machinists spend much of their time measuring parts, comparing to a pattern or model or specs. Fitting (NOT assembling): put all the pieces together filing, measuring each until a specs....
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