Drug Resistant TB--Worsening

Drug Resistant TB--Worsening - WHO:Notsureifdrugresistant...

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WHO: Not sure if drug-resistant  TB is worsening By MARIA CHENG, AP Medical Writer Thu Mar 18, 3:58 pm ET LONDON – The World Health Organization says it doesn't have enough information to know if it is winning the fight against drug-resistant tuberculosis. In a new report on the global status of drug-resistant TB based on data from 2008, the agency says almost half of all people with the disease are in China and India, with both countries reporting about 100,000 new cases each. High rates of drug-resistant TB strains were also seen in eastern Europe and central Asia, with up to 60 percent of people who already had TB in some parts of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan developing drug-resistant versions. About 4 percent of all TB cases worldwide are thought to be non- responsive to the usual TB drugs. The agency estimated there were between 390,000 and 510,000 cases of drug-resistant TB in 2008, including about 150,000 people who were killed by the disease. But those numbers are based on modeling and come with a big margin of error. The report is based on information from 35 countries worldwide, leaving a
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Drug Resistant TB--Worsening - WHO:Notsureifdrugresistant...

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