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Exam 2 Review Sheet (1)

Exam 2 Review Sheet (1) - • Know the differences between...

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Exam 2 Review 1. Respiration Review where each step of metabolism occurs in the cell Be able to identify the quantity of products and reactants in each major step of respiration obtained from one molecule of glucose Be able to draw/explain what happens in the four steps of respiration Know when fermentation is used and how it differs from glycolysis, the krebs cycle, etc. Review how glycolysis is connected to the krebs cycle Know how many carbons move from step to step Know where the most ATP is generated Review what makes a chemical reaction a Redox reaction Be able to identify what happens in the ETC and why it is important to the production of ATP 2. Photosynthesis Know the differences between and major chemicals involved with CAM plants, C3 plants and C4 plants
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Unformatted text preview: • Know the differences between the two photo-systems and how they are connected • Know the Z-scheme well enough to be able to draw it and explain what is happening. Include the electron carriers PQ, and PC • Know about Rubisco; what it does, where it works, what inhibits/increases its activity • Understand how the energy from the sun is used by plants and passed to animals • Be able to draw connections between photosynthesis and respiration • Know the number of reactant molecules and product molecules from each step as far as the book has shown **Remember as a word of advice to complete the free response question first. It may help you answer the multiple choice questions as you take the multiple choice portion of the test…....
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