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Homeopathic Remedies J2009

Homeopathic Remedies J2009 - APIMPACT:Zicamnotalonein...

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AP IMPACT: Zicam not alone in  side effect reports By JEFF DONN, AP National Writer Wed Jun 17, 5:11 pm ET CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – The unsettling little secret of Zicam Cold Remedy finally spilled out this week. Though widely sold for years as a drug for colds, it was never tested by federal regulators for safety like other drugs. And that was perfectly legal — until scores of consumers lost their sense of smell. One little word on Zicam's label explains all this: "homeopathic." Zicam and hundreds of other homeopathic remedies — highly diluted drugs made from natural ingredients — are legally sold as treatments with explicit claims of medical benefit. Yet they don't require federal checks for safety, effectiveness or even the right ingredients. They're somewhat similar to dietary supplements, which use many of the same natural ingredients and also aren't federally tested for safety or benefit. Many scientists view homeopathic remedies as modern snake oil — ineffective but mostly harmless because the drugs in them are present in such tiny amounts. But an Associated Press analysis of the Food and Drug Administration's side effect reports found that more than 800 homeopathic ingredients were potentially implicated in health problems last year. Complaints ranged from vomiting to attempted suicide. In the case of Zicam, the FDA says it tied the drug to reports from 130 consumers who said they lost their sense of smell. The agency on Tuesday told Zicam maker Matrixx Initiatives to stop marketing three products that carry zinc gluconate: Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel, Nasal Swabs and discontinued Swabs in Kids' Size. The agency said the drug must be tested for safety and benefit, like a conventional drug, before it is again marketed. And the FDA warned people not to use the three Zicam products. "It never occurred to me they could be dangerous and there was no kind of oversight — like the FDA — that ensured there was safety," says former
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Zicam user David Richardson of Greensboro, N.C. He has complained to the FDA about losing his sense of smell and filed his case with a lawyer for a future lawsuit, joining hundreds of others who have claimed in recent years that they lost their sense of smell from Zicam cold products. In its review of homeopathy, the AP also found that: • Active homeopathic ingredients are typically diluted down to 1 part per million or less, but some are present in much higher concentrations. The active ingredient in Zicam is 2 parts per 100. • The FDA has set strict limits for alcohol in medicine, especially for small
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Homeopathic Remedies J2009 - APIMPACT:Zicamnotalonein...

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