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Minolta Selling Script 1 APPROACH Seller: “Hi Chris, I’m Abby Crisman from Minolta, we spoke on the phone earlier.” Buyer: “Yes, hi Abby, what can I do for you?” Seller: “Over the phone you told me you’ve been having some trouble with your copier, is that true?” Buyer: “Well, yes. We’ve been having trouble with our current copier, the Futrell 2000, and I’ve asked for some bids from other vendors because I’d like to replace it. The problem is, all the bids have been a little too high, so I’m considering just buying another Futrell instead.” Seller: “I came here today because I can offer you a copier that would bring you more value (benefit) and better quality (benefit) than the Futrell 2000. Not only does it produce a higher quality copy (benefit) at a lower per copy toner cost (benefit), it lets you increase your productivity (benefit) and lower your service costs (benefit) (summary of benefits approach). Buyer: “Wow, that sounds good.” PRESENTATION PRODUCT Seller: “The Futrell produces only 4 copies per minute, is this correct?” Buyer: “Yes it is.” Seller: “The Minolta makes 13 copies per minute and doesn’t require constant paper feeding by a person (feature) . It’s like having a permanent office assistant available to feed the copier paper (simile). This translates into less time spent on printing (advantage), so you and your employees have more time to take care of actual work ( benefit). Overall, you get a more profitable (benefit) printer that allows you greater overall productivity (benefit) . Now, this would benefit Travel Express, right (trial close) ?” Buyer: “Certainly, that’s one of our main problems with our current copier.” Seller: “Yes, I thought so. Another great thing about this copier is our 10-year warranty (feature) . This is incredibly advantageous to you because it ensures that you will not spend money on copier repairs in the next ten years (advantage) . The overall benefit to
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your company is lower service and maintenance costs (benefit) , meaning a higher profit margin (benefit of a benefit) . Is this a goal of yours (trial close) ?” Buyer: “Yes! Always.” Seller: “Now I’d like to call your attention to the advanced lens and mirror optics (feature). Can you see them in the picture?” OBJECTION 1 ***Buyer: “Yes. But I don’t want to be a guinea pig for some new technology!” Seller: “They provide a higher quality photocopy process (advantage) , which gives you superb copy quality (benefit) . Here, compare these two copies that I made this morning: I made one from the Minolta and the other from a brand that is very similar to the Futrell (demonstration) . Notice the difference in quality and clarity. Wouldn’t you say the Minolta copy looks much more high quality and professional (trial close) ?” Buyer: (Compares the two) “Yes, definitely. I didn’t know there could be such differences in copy quality these days.” MARKETING PLAN Seller: “Yes, there really is. Now, let’s discuss the role that the Minolta Corporation and
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MinoltaScript - Minolta Selling Script 1 APPROACH Seller Hi...

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