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Name: Instructor Sale 1--Chapter 3 Now you are ready to begin developing your sales presentation. To make Sale 1 1. State what you will sell: MPEG-4 Digital Recorder 2. Briefly describe the individual and/or organization to which you will sell. Urban Properties - one of the nations largest commercial real estate firms. Contact is Greg Johnson, regional manager. 3. List three features of your product with each feature's main advantage and benefit. Refer back to Chapter 3 for FAB definitions. These FAB s would discuss your product, not your marketing plan or business proposition. We'll do that later. Feature Advantage Benefit Produces moving pictures with minimal storage requirements images easily sent quick and easy over Internet low costs per transaction Mobile technology can be used in any remote area reduces travel costs Streaming Video recording real time video for clients reduced costs of delivering video 4. Now create a SELL Sequence for each FAB (see pages 76-77). Label each of the components of the
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Unformatted text preview: SELL Sequence using parenthesis as shown on page 76. "The MPEG-4 Digital Recorder produces moving pictures requiring minimal storage [ feature ]. This means that images can be sent quickly and easily over the Internet [ advantage ]. The real benefit to you is lower costs per transaction [ benefit ]. How does that sound to you [ trial close ]?" "The digital recorder is the latest in mobile technology [ feature ]. The recorder can be used in any remote area where properties need to be viewed [ advantage ]. This means lower travel costs for viewing properties [ benefit ]. That is what you're interested in, right [ trial close ]?" "The MPEG-4 Digital Recorder has the latest streaming video recording technology [ feature ]. This means you can send real time video to clients and among salespeople [ advantage ]. The real benefit is reduced costs of delivering video [ benefit ]. Now how does that sound to you [ trial close ]?"...
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