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MPEG sale3 - the components of the SELL Sequence using...

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Name: Instructor Sale 3--Chapter 7 In planning the sales presentation, it is necessary to create a marketing plan. Review the section beginning at the bottom of page 207 entitled " Customer Benefit Plan: What It's All About." The marketing plan is described in Step 2 on page 208. Stop your study at the bottom of page 210 at the discussion of "the prospects mental steps." Carefully study Exhibits 7-6, 7-7, and 7-8. Review the advertising and sales promotion sections contained in pages 136-140. To make Sale 3 1. List three FAB 's you could discuss in your marketing plan. Feature Advantage Benefit 10 year warranty No money spent on repairs Reduced service costs Full service customer support team Lower maintenance time and piece of mind Low service costs MPEG-4 Certified Training Less time spent learning how to use camera Reduced training costs 2. Write out one SELL Sequence using each of the FAB s. Label each of
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Unformatted text preview: the components of the SELL Sequence using parenthesis as shown on page 76. "The MPEG-4 Digital Recorder offers a 10 year warranty [ feature ]. This means you will not have to spend money on repairs [ advantage ]. The real benefit to you is reduced service costs [ benefit ]. How does that sound to you [ trial close ]?" "All of our products come with full service customer support [ feature ]. This lowers your time spent on maintenance and offers a little piece of mind [ advantage ]. This means you will have lower service costs [ benefit ]. That's what you're interested in right [ trial close ]?" "Each of your employees will be trained on how to use the MPEG-4 Digital Camera [ feature ]. This means you will spend less time learning how to use the cameras [ advantage ], reducing your costs [ benefit ]. How does that sound to you [ trial close ]?"...
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