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Name: Instructor Sale 4--Chapter 10 To make Sale 4 first select the presentation method you will use with your buyer. Read "The Need-Satisfaction Presentation" on pages 246-261. Next, write down the name of the approach technique you will use for this presentation method. See pages 274-280. Presentation method: Need Satisfaction Approach technique: Customer Benefit Approach Now write out what you will actually say in your approach, including what the buyer should say. Relate your approach to your FABs developed in SALE 1 so you have a smooth transition into discussing your product. Seller: "Hi, I'm John Walkowski with Creative Solutions, Wireless Division. Mr. Johnson would you be interested in the latest digital recorder that will lower your travel costs?" Buyer: "Yes sir, tell me more!" Imagine you have now finished the approach. Write out the buyer-seller
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Unformatted text preview: dialogue for the first two SELL Sequences . Refer back to SALE 1. Create an imaginary response by the buyer to each of your trial closes. SELL 1 Seller: "The digital recorder is the latest in mobile technology [ feature ]. The recorder can be used in any remote area where properties need to be viewed [ advantage ]. This means lower travel costs for viewing properties [ benefit ]. That is what you're interested in, right [ trial close ]?" Buyer: "You bet, John!" SELL 2 Seller: "The MPEG-4 Digital Recorder has the latest streaming video recording technology [ feature ]. This means you can send real time video to clients and among salespeople [ advantage ]. The real benefit is reduced costs of delivering video [ benefit ]. Now how does that sound to you [ trial close ]?" Buyer: "Sounds interesting, keep going."...
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