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p. 1 Lecture 3/15/12 Chapter 39 Plant Signaling Lecture Outline A. Tropisms 1. Gravitropism 2. Thigmotropism 3. Phototropism B. Discovery of Auxin 1. Darwin 2. Boysen-Jensen 3. Went 4. Briggs Ethylene Plant Defenses Big Questions / Learning ObjectivesPlant 1. Outline the selective advantages of tropisms to plant survival and reproduction. 2. For the following scientists, describe their hypothesis, experiments, and
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Unformatted text preview: conclusions about the mechanism of phototropism: a. Charles and Francis Darwin b. Peter Boysen-Jensen c. Frits Went Topic / Working Vocabulary List assay auxin coleoptile ethylene gravitropism indoleacetic acid (IAA) phototropism thigmotropism tropism (positive and negative)...
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