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Plant Structure, Growth and Development 3/8/12 Cawas Engineer p. 1 Lecture 3/8/12 Chapter 35: Plant Structure, Growth and Development Big Questions / Learning Objectives 1. Gain an understanding of overall plant form and structure and the different tissue types present in roots and shoots. 2. Explain why root and shoot systems are important and how the two systems work in unison during plant growth. 3. Distinguish between the majors types of tissues present in roots and shoots of plants and explain the role and importance of each tissue. 4. Describe 2 evolutionary adaptations each of roots, stems and leaves.* 5. Describe the anatomy of a typical plant leaf, flower and root. 6. Identify the basic sub-cellular components present in plant cells and differentiate them from animal cells. 7. Explain the types and functions of meristems. 8. Differentiate between primary and secondary growth.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Draw a diagram of a typical flower, labeling all key structures present. 10. Draw the ABC model for flower development and delineate the functions of organ identity genes involved in that process. 11. Predict flower developmental phenotypes when the MADS Box genes are misexpressed. *Covered in assigned reading and homework rather than lecture Topic / Working Vocabulary List ABC hypothesis Apical dominance Axillary bud Bark Bulb, Stolon, Tuber Bundle sheath Cambium Cell wall Cortex Cuticle Dermal tissue Endodermis Epidermis Ground tissue Guard cell Internode Leaf Meristems Mesophyll Node Organ identity genes Parenchyma, Collenchyma, Sclerenchyma Pericycle Periderm Phloem Pith Plasmodesmata Primary growth Rhizome Root cap Root hairs Root system Secondary growth Shoot system Stele Tap root Totipotency Vacuole Vascular cylinder/bundle Vascular tissue Vein Xylem...
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