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Plant Transport and Nutrition 3/13/12 Cawas Engineer p. 1 Lecture 3/13/12 Chapters 36 and 37: Plant Transport and Nutrition Big Questions / Learning Objectives 1. Draw a diagram of overall resource acquisition and transport in plants. 2. Students will learn the differences between source and sink tissues. 3. Differentiate between apoplastic and symplastic transport. 4. Describe how nutrient and water uptake occurs in the roots and how these are transported in the plant via the xylem. 5. Explain the process of transpiration. 6. Distinguish between the two principal theories which account for water movement/bulk flow in the xylem. 7. Explain how phloem loading and unloading takes place in the context of source and sink tissues. 8. Explain the critical role guard cells play during plant water conservation.*
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Gain an understanding of the stimuli/mechanisms of stomatal opening/closing.* 10. What is the role of soil bacteria in the nitrogen nutrition of plants? 11. Describe the process of root nodulation in legumes. *Covered in assigned reading and homework rather than lecture Topic / Working Vocabulary List Adhesion Apoplastic Bacteroids Bulk flow Casparian strip Cohesion Cuticle Endodermis Legume Macronutrients Mesophyll Microfibril Micronutrients Mycorrhizae Nitrogen cycle Nitrogen fixation Phloem Plasmodesmata Rhizobacteria Root nodule Root pressure Sieve tube Sink Source Stomata Symbiosis Symplastic Translocation Transpiration Water loss Water potential Xylem...
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