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Unformatted text preview: Histogram 40 35 30 Count 25 20 15 10 5 0 Up To 39 39 To 59 59 To 79 79 To 99 99 To 119 119 To 139 To 159 To 179 To 199 To 219 To 239 To 259 To 279 To 299 To 319 To 339 To 139 159 179 199 219 239 259 279 299 319 339 359 Average Top 10 scores = 320 Class average = 200 (63% of top 10) More A Second Chance: To encourage you to take advantage of the learning opportunity afforded by your graded midterm, I am offering this one ­Nme ­only chance to significantly improve your exam grade: 1. For each incorrect answer you chose (see Answer Key), write a two or three sentence summary of the main point of the quesNon and of your understanding of the flaw in your answer. If, for example, you chose B as the answer for quesNon #3 you might write: Q#3. This quesNon focused on the difference in the length of the digesNve tracts of two animals. An herbivore (shown on right) requires a longer digesNve system than a carnivore (leZ) because vegetaNon contains cell walls that require more Nme to digest (Choice A correct). Although a cow regurgitates food for further digesNon, it has a quite different digesNve system than those shown (Choice B incorrect). 2. You will receive 6 points (out of 8) for the first such correct summary you submit and 3 points for each addiNonal correct analysis. 3. AddiNonal sNpulaNons: You may only submit summaries for quesNons you got wrong. The summaries must be typed, stapled to your Scantron, and submi^ed in person at secNon next week (Feb. 6  ­10). ...
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