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Lecture 1/26/12 Chapter 43 Immunity Big Questions / Learning Objectives 1. Describe three basic function of the lymphatic system. 2. Give examples of physical and chemical barrier defenses 3. Compare and contrast recognition by receptors in innate and adaptive immunity. 4. Describe how histamines and antimicrobial peptides function in innate immunity. 5. Explain how macrophage are important for both innate and adaptive immunity. 6. Diagram the recognition event involving an MHC molecule, a peptide epitope, and a cell surface receptor of a T cell. 7. Explain how a limited number of genes gives rise to B or T cells representing 100 million different receptors. 8. Describe the process that eliminates self-reactive B or T cells and the consequences of a failure in this process. 9. Summarize clonal selection, describing the amplification of selected cells
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Unformatted text preview: and the formation of both memory cells and effector cells (antibody producing “plasma” B cells or cytotoxic T cells). 10. Explain why the secondary immune response – the response to an antigen previously encountered – is both more rapid and stronger than the primary immune response. 11. Describe the distinct consequences of antigen presentation by class I and class II MHC molecules. Topic / Working Vocabulary List Adaptive immunity Antibody Antigen Antimicrobial peptide Auto-immunity B cell B cell receptor Barrier defense Cellular response (Cell-mediated immunity) Class I MHC Class II MHC Clonal Selection Cytotoxic T cell Epitope Helper T cell Histamine Humoral response Inflammatory response Innate immunity Lymphocyte Macrophage Memory cell MHC Molecule Non-self recognition Pattern Recognition Receptor T cell receptor...
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