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Animal Reproduction 2/7/06 Steven A. Wasserman p. 1 Lecture 2/7/12 Chapter 46 Reproduction Big Questions / Learning Objectives 1. Distinguish between asexual and sexual reproduction. 2. List and describe four mechanisms of asexual reproduction. 3. Explain how hermaphroditism may be advantageous in sessile or burrowing animals that have difficulty encountering a member of the opposite sex. 4. Describe three sources of genetic variation among the progeny of the mating of a single pair of animals. 5. Compare reproductive systems using internal and external fertilization on the basis of the relative number of zygotes and protection of the embryos.* 6. Describe spermatogenesis and the structure and function of mature sperm. 7. Describe human oogenesis. 8. Describe three major differences between oogenesis and spermatogenesis. 9. Explain how the uterine cycle and ovarian cycle are synchronized in female mammals.
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Unformatted text preview: Note in detail the functions of the hormones involved. 10. Compare the patterns of hormone secretion and reproductive events in male and female mammals. Topic / Working Vocabulary List asexual reproduction birth control pills budding contraception corpus luteum egg ejaculation endometriosis endometrium estrogen external fertilization fertilization fission follicle FSH fragmentation gamete gametogenesis gonads GnRH hermaphroditism internal fertilization Leydig cell LH menopause menstrual cycle menstruation oogenesis oogonia ovarian cycle ovary oviduct ovulation ovum parthenogenesis penis polar body oocyte progesterone regeneration semen seminiferous tubule Sertoli cell sexual reproduction sperm spermatocyte spermatogenesis spermatogonia stem cell testis testosterone tubal pregnancy uterus vagina zygote *Covered in assigned reading and homework rather than lecture...
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