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CancerBigIdea&WordList - A Oncogenes Activating...

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Molecular Biology of Cancer 2/14/06 SAW p. 1 Cancer Lecture Outline I. Cancer as a Disease A. Frequency B. Categories Carcinoma, Sarcoma, Leukemia, Lymphoma C. Disorder of uncontrolled cell growth. D. Hallmarks of Cancer Cells: 1. independence from external growth regulation 2. avoidance of programmed cell death (apoptosis) 3. limitless replicative potential (no senescence) 4. sustained angiogenesis (stimulation of blood vessel growth) 5. tissue invasion and metastasis E. Treatments 1. Surgery 2. Radiation and chemotherapy 3. Monoclonal antibodies against growth regulators II. Molecular Biology of Cancer A. Genetic alterations as basis for cancerous state 1. Role of viruses 2. Role of mutations B. Multiple events C. Heterogeneity and Instability D. Sources of Cancer Inducing Mutations 1. Carcinogens 2. Genetic disorders of DNA Repair III. Oncogenes and Tumor suppressors
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Unformatted text preview: A. Oncogenes Activating mutations -> increased product or altered product B. Tumor Suppressors Inactivating mutations -> unregulated cell division 1. Explain what is meant by cancer is one disease and many diseases 2. Describe why 2-6 mutations are required for cancer to develop 3. Explain the strategy underlying each of the major forms of treatment for cancer 4. Describe how a mutation in a DNA repair system can provide a predisposition to cancer 5. Describe how a mutation in a tumor suppressor gene can provide a predisposition to cancer 6. Distinguish the roles of tumor suppressor and protooncogenes in the progression of a cell to a cancerous state Cancer Word List angiogenesis apoptosis carcinogen carcinoma genetic heterogeneity genetic instability leukemia lymphoma malignant metastasis. mutagen protooncogene sarcoma senescence tumor suppressor gene tumor...
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