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p. 1 Lecture 2/2/12 Chapter 44 Osmoregulation and Excretion Big Questions / Learning Objectives 1. Describe the movement of water across a membrane in response to a difference in osmolarity. 2. Compare and contrast the challenge of water and salt balance for animals living in freshwater, in saltwater, and on land. 3. Describe the role of countercurrent exchange in osmoregulation by the albatross. 4. Compare and contrast the three major forms of nitrogenous waste in terms of toxicity, energy consumption, and requirement for water for disposal. 5. Describe the four basic steps in filtrate generation and processing. 6. Outline the structure and function of the protonephridium of flatworms.* 7. Sketch the basic organization of a nephron and its relationship to the renal cortex and medulla.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. List the steps in processing of filtrate in the human kidney, correlating the fate of different filtrate components with particular regions of kidney tubules. 9. Compare and contrast water and salt movement in the descending and ascending portions of the loop of Henle. 10. Describe how regulation of membrane permeability in the collecting duct regulates urine volume. Topic / Working Vocabulary List ADH (vasopressin) ammonia aquaporin Bowmans capsule collecting duct distal tubule* diuretic filtrate glomerulus hyperosmotic hypoosmotic loop of Henle nitrogenous waste osmoconformer* osmolarity osmoregulator* proximal tubule renal artery/vein renal cortex renal medulla transport epithelium* urea ureter uric acid *Covered in assigned reading and homework rather than lecture...
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