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Induced Current The magnitude of the induced current flow in a coil subjected to changing magnetic flux can be calculated from I = V/R where V = -N Φ / t , but predicting the direction of that current flow can be tricky. As the current induced in the coil circulates, it will give the coil its own magnetic field, and Lenz’s law states that the inducted magnetic field will oppose the increasing flux through the coil from the original source. (This will result in one of four outcomes: The coil will either keep producing current for as long as the flux changes or, if possible, the coil will stretch, tilt, or accelerate to escape the changing flux.) Predicting the direction of the induced current can be a bit tricky, but it clearly depends on the direction of the change in the magnetic flux. The direction of magnetic flux itself is simply the direction of the magnetic field lines composing it, but the direction of the change in the flux requires us to understand not only which way the field is pointed, but if it is getting stronger or if it is getting weaker. It
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