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Relativistic Velocity At the core of physics, at least in principle, is the notion of logical consistency: A fact isn’t a fact if it contradicts itself. If we can overcome our natural human resistance to accepting counterintuitive realities, there is a great deal of truth to be discovered. For example, we would expect the speed of light to be different if the source is moving relative to the receiver or vice-versa, but this has never been observed in any experiment no matter how closely the speed is measured. Consider, for instance, two spaceships moving with respect to the sun. One is moving directly away from it at half the speed of light. The other is moving directly toward it with the same speed. Classically, we would expect the photons in the light from the sun to have a hard time catching up to the ship retreating from it: Relative to that ship, the photons should be approaching at 0.5c , meaning half the speed of light. Similarly, we expect the photons to move at 1.5c relative
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