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old (Ch 4-5) sp 05 - Name _ (please print) Chemistry 11...

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Name ____________________________ (please print) Chemistry 11 Section 1 Exam 2, March 10, 2005 Directions: 1. For multiple-choice problems, write your answer (A, B, C, D, E) in the box provided. 2. On numerical problems, show your work to receive credit for your answer and write your answer in the box/line provided (include units). 3. Make sure your significant figures are correct. 4. Use pen or pencil, but only exams written in pen can be regraded. Questions 1-6 (4 pts each): 1. A white solid is either KBr or KNO 3 . If an aqueous solution is prepared by dissolving the solid in water, which reagent could you add that would identify which compound you had? A) HCl B) H 2 C) AgNO 3 D) CaO E) FeCl 3 2. Which of the following aqueous solutions would you expect to be the best conductor of electricity at 25°C? A) 0.25 M HCl B) 0.20 M NaCl C) 0.30 M CH 3 COOH (acetic acid) D) 0.50 M Fe(OH) 2 E) 0.20 M Mg(NO 3 ) 2 3. Which of the following chemical equations represent oxidation-reduction reactions?
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old (Ch 4-5) sp 05 - Name _ (please print) Chemistry 11...

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