Bio 141 Lab Assignment 3

Bio 141 Lab Assignment 3 - Michael Yoon White-Tues 6:30...

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Michael Yoon White-Tues 6:30 WA #3 Results A Vitellogenin ELISA protein test was performed to determine the concentration of  vitellogenin within embryos that were constantly exposed to 15 mg/L of BPA after 8.5  hpf.  The Vitellogenin ELISA protein test in Figure 1 shows the antibodies that have  successfully binded to vitellogenin and reacted with the substrate. Figure 1. Vitellogenin ELISA protein test  Figure 3 Danio Rerio embryo 48 hours post fertilization treated with BPA after 8.5 hours post fertilization Figure 2 Danio Rerio embryo 48 hours post fertilization Concentration ng/mL Corrected Absorbance 0 0 125 2.1 62.5 1.539 31.25 0.889 15.625 0.497 7.8125 0.2245 3.906 0.1255 1.953 0.0765 0.9766 0.0265 0.4883 0.046 0.2441 0.012 0.1221 0.0365 Table 1. Corrected absorption by the Danio Rerio embryo with its concentration of vitellogenin Figure 4. Graph of concentration of vitellogenin within embryos versus corrected absorbance by
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the Danio Rerio Before the assay test, wildtype zebrafish embryos were observed in comparison to  zebrafish exposed to BPA 8.5 hpf. The wildtype zebrafish in Figure 2 looked almost  identical to the zebrafish in Figure 3. Blatant morphological differences could not be  found; however, the zebrafish in Figure 3 were slightly smaller than those in Figure 2.  The BPA exposed zebrafish in Figure 3 were also more albino in nature. As the absorbance rate increases, the concentration of vitellogenin within zebrafish  increased (Table 1). Low concentration of vitellogenin usually accompanies a low  absorbance rate of BPA by zebrafish. The opposite holds true for high concentration of  vitellogenin, which usually has a higher absorbance rate of BPA. The graph in Figure 4  represents the data from Table 1. A clear positive correlation can be observed between 
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Bio 141 Lab Assignment 3 - Michael Yoon White-Tues 6:30...

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