Bio 141 Lab Assignment 2

Bio 141 Lab Assignment 2 - Michael Yoon White-Tues 6:30 WA...

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Michael Yoon White-Tues 6:30 WA #2 Effect of bisphenol A on vitellogenin protein production in Zebrafish after BPA exposure during development Bisphenol A (BPA) is an organic compound synthesized by catalyzing acetone and two carbolic acids. Many companies primarily use the compound for the production of plastics and epoxy resins due to the chemical’s natural strength and transparency. BPA’s chemical composition allows it to emulate human hormones in the endocrine system, particularly estrogen, in the body when consumed. Such similiarity to estrogen has labeled BPA a type of xenoestrogen(Vandenberg, Hauser, et al., 2007). Vitellogenin is a glycolipoprotein only in females and serves as a precursor to the formation of yolk in eggs. This protein eventually leads to the production of other proteins vital to the embryo in development because it serves a marker for estrogen levels (Lv, Zhou, et al., 2007). This experiment will observe the effects of BPA exposure during embryo on vitellogenin protein expression. In current day biological research, the zebrafish ( Danio rerio) has developed as a crucial model organism for studying the effects of genes and chemical compounds on embryos and development. Zebrafish are economically efficient to study because they have very low costs to maintain and a brood size of up to 200. Because zebrafish have such a short generation time and sexually mature quickly, researchers can experiment with as much zebrafish as they need to. Zebrafish embryos can also be easily observed and genetically altered with, making them ideal for research in development. From a biological standpoint, both the embryos of zebrafish and humans enter a phylotypic stage in development that proves the ancestry between the two organisms, so the effects of chemicals and genes in the zebrafish can possible show the effects of
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Bio 141 Lab Assignment 2 - Michael Yoon White-Tues 6:30 WA...

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