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3rd TEST - of Roman Catholic traces in practice and...

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3 rd TEST 1. A type of investment that gave land that bordered the Hudson River to wealthy Dutchmen. 2. A type of investment that gave land that bordered the Hudson River to wealthy Dutchmen. 3. English explorer of the New World coastline 4. Who Wanted a divorce but the Pope wouldn't grant him one, so he decided to split from the church and form The Church of England. 5. What was the colony established by Walter Raleigh. It was meant to be a base that the English could use to attack the Spanish treasure fleet. 6. It was the joint-stock company developed in 1606. 7. What place was Founded in 1607, the English were given orders to build this town near a river.? 8. Who Whipped the colonists of Jamestown into shape.? 9. Who Experimented with Tobacco by importing seeds from the Caribbean to Virginia.? 10. Who were Protestant sect in England hoping to "purify" the Anglican church
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Unformatted text preview: of Roman Catholic traces in practice and organization.? 11. Who believed that The Church of England was too similar to the Roman Catholic Church? 12. Who Believed that the church needed to be changed from within? 13. They were the Native American who helped the Pilgrims develop agricultural techniques and served as an interpreter between the colonists and the Indians.? 14. What were The Laws and Liberties of Massachusetts? 15. Who was the governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was instrumental in forming the colony's government and shaping its legislative policy? 16. Who were The Middle Colonies? 17. What was The cash crop that gave rise to the expansion of the slave trade? 18. Who was the Spanish priest who was sent to convert the Indians?...
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