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AMH 2010 Midterm Study Guide

AMH 2010 Midterm Study Guide - Town-meeting government Fort...

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AMH 2010 Midterm Study Guide Be able to identify the following: Anasazi Hunter-gatherers Mayans Moors Aztecs Conquistadores Incas Land bridge Mound builders Reconquista Sugar plantations Treaty of Tordesillas Iroquois Confederacy Primogeniture Rights of Englishmen House of Burgesses Jamestown Mayflower Puritans Indentures Mayflower Compact Headright Bacon’s Rebellion Middle Passage Half-Way Covenant Tobacco economy Triangular trade Established church
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Unformatted text preview: Town-meeting government Fort Necessity Treaty of Paris (1763) Proclamation of 1763 French and Indian War No taxation without representation Battle of Lexington and Concord Boston Port Act Mercantilism Quebec Act Sons of Liberty Stamp Act Congress Townshend Acts Virtual representation Boston Massacre Boston Tea Party Declaratory Act Nonimportation agreements Stamp Act Tea tax Valley Forge Battle of Bunker Hill Battle of Saratoga Battle of Yorktown Battle of Trenton Declaration of Independence Hessians Second Continental Congress Treaty of Paris 1783 Land Ordinance of 1785 Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Republicanism Constitutional Convention Shay’s Rebellion Great Compromise Federalists Antifederalist 3/5 th Compromise Alien and Sedition Acts Judiciary Act of 1789 Virginia and Kentucky Resolves Nullification Whiskey Rebellion Impressment Marbury v Madison Know these individuals and be prepared to match them to their deeds: Ponce de Leon Hernan Cortez Moctezuma John Smith James Oglethorpe Lord Baltimore Oliver Cromwell Metacom (King Phillip) Roger Williams Anne Hutchinson William Penn Nathaniel Bacon John Peter Zenger Jonathan Edwards George Washington Benjamin Franklin John Adams Samuel Adams Thomas Hutchinson George III Ethan Allen William Howe Benedict Arnold General Cornwallis John Paul Jones John Jay James Madison Alexander Hamilton George Mason Meriwether Lewis William Clark Toussaint L’Ouverture...
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AMH 2010 Midterm Study Guide - Town-meeting government Fort...

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