Emancipation and Reconstruction

Emancipation and Reconstruction - B.vii 2 Wade-Davis Bill 2...

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Emancipation and Reconstruction A. Question of Emancipation 1. Lincoln’s initial view of the war a. Frederick Douglass 2. Lincoln’s decision for Emancipation, July 1862 a. Horace Greeley, “the Prayer of twenty million,” 22 August 1862 3. Pressure for Emancipation a. Shifts in Lincoln’s thinking b. Pressure from Abolitionists and Radical Republicans c. Realities of Military necessity d. Action of the slaves themselves (d.1) General Benjamin Butler (d.2) Contrabands of War 4. First Confiscation Act, 6 August 1861 5. Second Confiscation Act, 17 July 1862 6. Emancipation Proclamation, 22 September 1862 7. Black Troops B. Amendments to the Constitution B.i. 13 th Amendment, 6 December 1865 B.ii. 14 th Amendment, July 9, 1868 B.iii. 15 th Amendment, February 3, 1870 B.iv. Impact B.v. C. Reconstruction, 1863-1877 B.vi. 1. Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction, 8 December 1863
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Unformatted text preview: B.vii. 2. Wade-Davis Bill, 2 July 1864 B.viii. a. Pocket veto B.ix. 3. Election of 1864 B.x. a. Lincoln vs. McClellan B.xi. b. Soldiers’ vote B.xii. 4. Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address B.xiii. 5. Andrew Johnson B.xiv. a. Hannibal Hamlin B.xv. 6. Presidential Reconstruction, 1865-1867 B.xvi. 7. Congressional Reconstruction, 1866-1877 B.xvii. 8. Reconstruction Act of 1867 B.xviii. 9. Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson, 1868 B.xix. a. Edwin Stanton B.xx. 10. Retreat from Reconstruction a. Redemption b. Radical Republicans began to die (b.1) Thaddeus Stephens 1868 (b.2) Charles Sumner in 1874 c. Scandals in the Grant Administration d. People wanted to move on B.xxi. 11. Civil War as memory B.xxi.a. Frederick Douglass B.xxi.b. William Faulkner...
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Emancipation and Reconstruction - B.vii 2 Wade-Davis Bill 2...

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