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ESSAY QUESTIONS: 1. When the Spanish arrived in the New World, one of the Native American cultures they discovered was the Aztec Empire. Discuss the social, cultural, and religious characteristics of the Aztecs. Why did the Aztec Empire fall so easily to Spanish conquistadores? 2. Discuss the situation in Europe on the eve of the discovery of America. Why were European countries interested in exploration? What motivated them? Discuss the early Portuguese explorations under Prince Henry the Navigator 3. Discuss the origin of slavery in the United States. Why did it begin? Was slavery inevitable in the Southern colonies? Compare and contrast the differences between slavery in the United States and slavery in Latin America? 4. Why were the British so slow to explore and colonize the New World? What factors led them to reverse their policy and begin to establish colonies? 5. What was the culture and society like in the early British colonies in North America? In
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Unformatted text preview: particular discuss the population, social order, status of women and religion. 6. Compare and contrast the basic social and economic differences between the Southern and New England colonies. Discuss in particular differences in agriculture and trade. Why did they develop so differently? 7. Discuss British-Colonial relations from 1760 to 1776. What were the major areas of contention between the Colonists and Parliament? What was the point of no return in their relations? 8. Summarize the argument for independence in Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence. Include the colonists views on the origin of government, limits of Parliamentary authority, and the rights of man. 9. List the three most important battles of the Revolutionary War. Justify your selections....
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