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ESSAY QUESTIONS #2: 1. Compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, especially in regard to specific powers given the national government. 2. Discuss the weakness of the Articles of Confederation. Could it have worked as our national government? Why was the Constitution adopted? Was it necessary? Explain. 3. Discuss Alexander Hamilton’s economic program. What did he recommend in his First Report on Public Credit? Why did he believe that a properly funded debt was beneficial? What do you think were his ultimate goals? 4. When the founding fathers discussed equality, freedom, and liberty, who were they talking about? What groups were included and excluded in the new nation? How did they
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Unformatted text preview: defend their position? 5. Compare and contrast the Federalist and Republicans, especially their views on democracy, governmental power, economy, and foreign affairs. 6. Discuss the War of 1812. What were its causes, and could it have been avoided? What were the results of the war? 7. Discuss the Missouri Compromise. What was at stake in the Missouri debate that generated such profound concern? 8. Discuss the nullification crisis in 1832. Define the theory of “nullification.” Did the national government or the state of South Carolina win? Justify your answer. 9. Discuss the term “Manifest Destiny.” What did it mean and what effect did it have on American politics in the 1840s and 1850s....
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