Jackson and the Second Party System

Jackson and the Second Party System - Floride Calhoun...

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Jackson and the Second Party System A. Jackson as the Hero of the Common Man 1. Jackson’s Inauguration, 4 March 1829 1.a.Rachel 1.b. “King Mob” 2. Jackson as the Common Man 3. Emergence of the Second Party System 4. Whigs 4.a.“King Andrew” (4.a.1) Tories and Whigs B. Differences between the visions of the two parties 1. Vision of Growth 1.a.Democrats (1.a.1) Manifest Destiny 1.b. Whigs (1.b.1) Henry Clay and the “American System” 2. Role of government 3. Supporters 4. Ironies of Democratic victories 4.a.Beginning in 1828 Democrats won 6 of the next 8 elections (4.a.1) William Henry Harrison (4.a.2) Zachary Taylor C. Jackson’s Presidency (1828, 1832) 1. War on the Second Bank of the United States 1.a.Jackson’s view of the bank (1.a.1.a) McCulloch v. Maryland, 1819 (1.a.1.b) John Marshall 1.b. Veto 1.c.Nicholas Biddle 2. Jackson’s Personal Poltics 2.a.Peggy Eaton Affair (2.a.1) Senator Eaton (2.a.2)
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Unformatted text preview: Floride Calhoun (2.a.2.a) Rachel (2.a.3) Martin van Buren 3. Nullification Crisis 3.a.South Carolina (3.a.1) Tariff of 1824 (3.a.2) Denmark Vesey (3.a.3) Tariff of 1828 Tariff of Abominations 3.b. The South Carolina Exposition and Protest, 1828 (3.b.1) John C. Calhoun 3.c.Webster-Hayne Debate, January 1830 (3.c.1) Samuel Foote (3.c.2) Robert Hayne (3.c.3) Daniel Webster, the god-like Daniel 3.d. Jacksons view of Nullification (3.d.1) Jeffersons birthday banquet, 1830 3.e.South Carolina Ordinance of Nullification, 1832 3.f. Jacksons Response (3.f.1) Nullification Proclamation, December 1832 3.g. Ending of the Crisis (3.g.1) Henry Clay 4. Jacksons Indian Policy 4.a.Indian Removal Act, 1830 (4.a.1) Seminoles (4.a.1.a) Second Seminole War, 1835-42 (4.a.1.b) Chief Osceola (4.a.2) Cherokee Trail of Tears, 1838 5. Breakdown of the Second Party System...
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Jackson and the Second Party System - Floride Calhoun...

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