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Unformatted text preview: A Matter of Honor or Vengeance? 1) What purpose do you think dueling served in the social and political world of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries? Dueling back in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries socially served mainly for the public. Casting pistols upon one another who cannot come to a final conclusion of an issue is a way to figure out the problem once and for all. It was thought that if your statement was correct then you should be able to risk your life for it. Socially, the whole public was allowed to watch this "honorable" duel. This duel was like a forecast based on who was more strategic and speedier than the other. It was an official unofficial way to settle a dispute. As for political terms, dueling was purposeful in the eyes of the beholder. Hamilton personally did not want or liked to duel due to the fact of risking his own blood for the enemy of his was absurd. Dueling was an easier source to go to in order to resolve an issue. In this case, Hamilton was absurd....
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