chapter 9 - 1 2 3 4 First goal of post war expansion...

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1) First goal of post war expansion- florida 2) Adams Honest treaty-gave unites states florida for $500 3) On treaty, florida became a territory 4) US after 1815- growing because of concentration of land, more land more people going out west 5) Mid 1820- Cherokee they adopted a lot of white customs, regulated slaver, largest of the 5 nations, own alphabet/written language, republican form government with written constitution, salaried bureaucracy (paid people to work for the government) 6) Seminole was the smallest of the 5 nations 7) Seminole- never conquered by US, never feared white people, hid in swamps, amalgam 8) Chief Black hawk- he thought that if u came back to your land, the gods would give it back by turning white people to dust 9) National road- first major transportation project, finance by public funds, federal government, 10) Before 1820s transportation predominated- flat boats 11) Eerie canals- fore father of other canals, it was an economic success,spectacular (innovative) 12) Eerie canal- shallow, connect eastern city to west 13) Most didn’t make money, public funds- federal government/state government paid for canal 14) They couldn’t compete with the railroads 15) South cotton- slavery system, large demand of cotton, cotton gin, good land to SW 16) Putting out system- moms and daughter make stuff in their own house (dinner, clothes,) merchants bring raw materials, they finish it off, pay them for finished products, FACTORY ended this, LOWELL MASSACHUSSETTS first show of great place 17) Young unmarried farm girls- worked in factories 18) Industrialization change manufacturing system- dropped household production
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chapter 9 - 1 2 3 4 First goal of post war expansion...

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